Low Energy Neurofeedback System

If you are struggling with difficult moods and feelings, unclear or unfocused thinking, repetitive behaviors, resistant depression, panic attacks, traumatic memories or brain injury, or other mental  / emotional issues, and traditional psychotherapy has not worked for you, it could be time to investigate a new method.

LENS stands for Low Energy Neurofeedback System, and is a cutting edge advancement to the older, and less effective biofeedback tools and energy methods. Developed by northern California psychologist Len Ochs, PhD, the method is a fast-growing alternative to pharmaceutical medications for brain-based problems.  

Here is a list of some of the more common symptoms and problems improved from LENS:

  • reduce chronic anxiety

  • heal from trauma

  • gain more positive mood

  • end substance abuse

  • improve memory & focus

  • restore brain balance

  • reduce ADHD

In our center -- the only one in Fort Wayne with a certified clinician to use the LENS equipment – we have successfully decreased symptoms from the above mentioned ailments. 

How Does LENS Work?

LENS uses a very weak electro-current to change your unique brain wave patterns, similar to getting a standard EEG test. The energies used are on par with a common cell phone, and most patients feel nothing during the treatments. Those who do, report just slight pressure across the forehead, or a subtle sense of movement of energy down the legs.

For your convenience, the consent to treatment form, initial intake form, and a sensitivity questionnaire are provided here for you to download, complete and bring with you to your first appointment:

How Long Does LENS Take?

The sessions for this form of neurofeedback are extremely quick and can be incorporated into psychotherapy appointments, or done independent of counseling. The results are widely reported to be long lasting if not permanent.  Please note insurance does not cover LENS if it’s independent of counseling sessions. Those sessions would be private pay. 

Ready to Get Started?

Please call our office at 206-452-5336 or email healing@willowcenterforhealing.com to schedule an appointment.

You will also need to complete the following prior to your first LENS session